Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Good Karma

I created a small front yard garden for this wonderful couple in Willard Beach last summer. They had just bought one of the most charming bungalows in the neighborhood, and they wanted to lose the yard and gain a garden. Their only real specification was yellows and blues. After one year, this garden is spilling out onto the sidewalk. It is so abundant that people often stop to inquire. Donald and Diane give me total credit for this, but I am convinced that this garden is prosperous due to their generous spirit and energy. I call this their 'good karma' garden . . . it's like when people and their dogs start to look alike. Donald and Diane are THIS full of love.

1 comment:

  1. I remember the Willard Beach garden you created--was it last summer? Time the prime subject and trope of all we do and say just shot by!

    It might have been two summer's ago; you get my drift?

    Anyway, your personal sense of garden design does in fact make the transition from garden/outside to mural/inside. Do you own a wand?

    Your recent posts make clear that there is no gimmick here. It's the flowering flow of time through space. Keep it up!